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Tassy FarRide #6 – 5/2/2011

Not one for writing reports so I just put some pic’s in.

Departed Goolwa about 8am for an easy ride to Port melbourne.

on the pier at Port Melbourne. There was a few HD riders on the pier. there was a rally on the East coast they were heading to. 750km for day one.

Started my FarRide at Elizabeth town at 12:38. started heading towards Devonport and within 10 minutes I stopped to put the wets on. yep heavy rain until I was south of Burnie. Fined up after that for some great riding.

Head west just before Tullah for the Reece dam. some great riding there  ricky. The roads track around the hills all the way.

Reece Dam.

Looks like a few of the HD riders had found there way here as well.

Headed out of Queenstown. ricky

Just west of Derwent Bridge. It was good to see and ride familiar territory  ;)

that was the last of the pic’s for the day. I just wanted do do some riding.

Not a lot of photo’s the next morning either. stayed at Oatlands overnight at the Kentish Hotel. to late to get a feed so had a packet of chips with a cleansing ale. :/) . very nice spot for the price.

Rode to Fingal and then to Perth for a rest stop. Then headed south again for Derwent bridge. Done 1,230km for the FarRide.

Yep found them.

A few of the usual suspects.

MildThing said a few word.

As Fattymick said you picked a good spot.

Well i had a burger for lunch that could feed 2 and headed for Ulverstone to spent the night with My Sister and her husband. struck the usual west coast rain on the way.

Spent the next morning at Mum and Dads doing a few odd jobs, had dinner at the inlaws and then on the boat again.

On my way to Geelong.

First thing I had to do after getting off the boat the next morning was replace the rear tyre that I had to much fun on in Tassie.  ricky

After 2.3 hours waiting for a new tyre to be fitted I headed for the great ocean road.

Seen a cute little fury fella on the Great ocean road.

Great scenery along the way.

Sunset over Strathalbyn.


Just over 3,500km for the trip.

Many thanks to all involved for organising it.

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