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A Golden Ride to Mt Crawford. But No Gold Found

Put the metal detector in the top  box and headed for Mt Crawford. It was a great ride and it was good to get out. Mind you it did get fairly hot so I didn’t stay to long in the Gold fields.

I tried to get some footage which I have put on Youtube. I have to hand it to some people as the sound quality on my clip is terrible. Never mind the main reason was the ride and the filming part is just a learning curve.

I hope you enjoy it. At least you will get to see some of the Adelaide Hills and a great bush setting.

Oh I didn’t find any gold and as mentioned it was a bit hot so I pulled the pin on it a bit early.

I rode into Williams town for some lunch and just wanted something light and ordered soup. They must have heated it to 1000c. Nuked in the microwave.


Anyway all I found was junk.

Plenty of bird shot

Plenty of bird shot

Hopefully my camera technique gets better over time.

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