Hi there,

I live in South Australia, but have lived in Western NSW and Tassie. My main hobbies/past times would have to be prospecting and Motorcycle riding.

I am a Member of FarRiders. This group was formed by David “Davo” Jones (RIP). There are no fees or subscriptions to join this group. All you need to do is complete a scheduled FarRide.

I am also an Iron Butt Association Member which is based in the US but has branches all over the world.

Both these organisation promote safe long distance motorcycle riding. 

This  is my VN 900. purchased new in 2007.

My cruiser

I also own a DL1000 (Vstrom) which is set up for long distance riding. I have ridden her all over the eastern states and up through the centre to Darwin.

This Blog is where I put my Prospecting adventures, Ride Reports and Reviews. Check out the archives to find rides that may interest you.

Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed sharing them.


11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hey Cliff,

    I thought of you today… when a coyote trotted across our back yard. A beautiful animal it was.


    • Thanks for the thoughts mate. However, I am now left wondering if its the Beautiful Animal or the Coyote that made you think of me.
      I’m guessing it’s the Coyote though. 😉
      Just another reason to visit your part of the World. See the wildlife and the country.

      keep well Mate


      • Come on over. I hope I can get back down to OZ while I am still able… and hopefully do some riding there… I need to buy more lottery tickets…

  2. A nice blog and even the layout looks a bit interesting a bit familiar! 😉 I’ve even posted a link on the blogroll on our WordPress blog.

    • Thanks for checking it out Chris.
      I have been interested in purchasing a Goldwing and reading your blog has made me look at the BMW,s. they look a nice bike.
      oh and thought it a good idea to add a link to other blogs like you did mine. Hope you don’t mind but I included yours on my follow list.

  3. I’ve always fancied a VN900 with its huge comfy seat which is what you need when cruising up the miles! Of course, over in Ozzy land you’ve got the advantage too that you can always toss another sheep on the ole bike seat for comfort! You can’t beat that bouncy sheepskin!

    I’ve heard that there’s been a lot of rough weather to cope with over your way recently, well in NSW at least, (either miles too hot or miles too wet) and it’s not much better over here in the UK at the moment. In fact, they’re predicting that Easter will be a washout and summer, well, it might be another 3 months of fairly constant rain like last year.

    So, me, I’m heading south on my new Suzuki Inazuma 250 tourer to Spain in June. I was going to buy a bigger bike last November but in the end, with the constantly rising fuel hikes here in Europe, I went for the Inazuma which does between 85-110mpg with a top speed of 95mph. I paid £3408 new for mine, while over your way, they’re selling new this spring for $ 5999.00 AUD (Ride Away), which is still not too bad. At 183kg it feels more like a 500 to be honest but the wieght disappears the moment you roll.

    I think it’s a great bike but anyway, it’s not the bike that’s important, it’s the fact one is out in the open, enjoying nature, hearing the bees, smelling the scent of flowers, watching the lines of mountains go by and generally having a good time! That to me, is what biking is about, not how fast a bike can go.

    I just saw your photo of Alice Springs here… I’ve heard horrible things about that place – like the extreme heat is known to kill all creature life? Hmm… Serious outback riding, methinks. Do you always need to travel in a group, just in case your bike breaks down? What I love about Australia is that it’s just so huge! Motorbiking must be great over there.

    • G’day BIack Inazuma,
      Thanks for taking the time to read some of my blog.
      The outback of Australia can be very unforgiving at any time of the year, but yes is very bad in Summer.
      The Photo you mentioned that I took of my bike was in May 2010. out of the summer heat but when I was in Darwin it was still about 30 – 35c (about 85-90F) so was still quite warm.
      there are a lot of things you can do to reduce the risks. I had a 2 litre camel bak and carried another 2 in the top box. I kept to the main highways. I had a mobile phone and UHF radio through an intercom system. I made regular a check-in with my wife. I had also planned the ride. I also carried a first aid kit, puncture repair kit and spare fuel.
      The biggest risk in my mind was riding into Cattle, Donkeys, Camels, Pigs, Goats and Kangaroo’s. all of these can do some serious damage to a rider. But you can reduce the risk.
      almost all of my long distance riding I have done alone.


  4. swedenole13

    I like your blog. Have travelled extensively around Aus by Goldwing we would ship over. Never did get to Western Australia, but loved every place we travelled over 5 different trips! Keep on riding and blogging about it!

    • Australia is a great place to ride. mind you it is the only place I have ridden so i may biased. I hope to get to the US to do some riding within the next 2 years.
      Thanks for dropping by for a look at my Blog. I hope to add to it more this year.

  5. Thanks for visiting my site, Coyote. I love your photos. It’s been almost 40 years since I visited Australia (OMG, I’m old!). At that time I struggled to stay on the correct side of the road with a car! Wouldn’t it be nice to have land bridges around the world so we could ride together?

    • Hi and thanks for the comment on my photo’s. I would like to get a better camera at some time. I simply use a point and shoot camera and when I look at some of the quality photo’s on other Blogs I am left amazed.
      I would like to do some riding in the US in the next few years but I must admit that riding on the right side of the road could be a challenge.

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