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OPM Stickers have arrived

A fellow Blogger has a Web site Called “OBSERVATIONS OF A PERPETUAL MOTORCYCLIST” OPM for short. Click here to go to the site.

A few weeks ago he posted that he had received some sticker with his LOGO and was willing to send a few out to the first few replies/emails he received requesting them.

I was glad to hear that I had made the cut and the sticker was on the way, however was not to be used as I had originally thought.

I arrived home from after 2 weeks at work to find that sure enough I had an envelope awaiting me with not one but 2 stickers inside. this made my next decision easy. I’ll put one on each bike.



I think they look pretty cool. Along with the stickers he sent a Business card with his website address, email address and facebook address. Also very cool.

New Picture (4)


In fact I am so impressed and inspired by them that I am now considering a design for my own site,

Thanks David (OPM). When I am asked about the sticker I will be sure to point them to your web address.

Cheers 🙂

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