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My Mum always said “Never leave home without your wallet”

I decided that it had been a while since I went for a ride. so I was up and got a few chores out of the way the dress up for a ride.

As I left I said to me wife “don’t expect me back soon as I’m going to have a good ride. So off I went to enjoy great riding conditions. I had a full tank and left directly to the Myponga water reservoir.

My plan was to get a picture or 2 for a game plated by FarRiders. International Global “Wildcard Tagathon”. Not that we need one but it is a good excuse for a ride.

I arrived at the Myponga Reservoir and was pleasantly surprised by the twisties. Not that I am ever going to shorten my foot rests grinding them of around the bend but cornering is a skill that needs practice 🙂 .


One small section on the way to Myponga Reservoir

Lots of cutting and rises and falls. nice section of road.

Then a brief stop for a picture I planned on.


An impressive structure. Myponga dam wall.

The I it was off to the next location. It’s not that I needed another picture of a dam wall but more, why not. Mount Bold Reservoir was next on the list.


Mount Bold dam wall. Also impressive.

There was a walking bridge at the base of the dam just downstream. looked like it would be a challenging walk.


A walking bridge spanning the river downstream from the Mount Bold Dam Wall.

The road leading up to the Mount Bold Reservoir was a single lane, one way road (Thank goodness). A few of the bends needed your full attention.


I thought I had been out for a couple of hours just poking along so I may go up the road a little further for a coffee before heading to the Adelaide hills. So off to the Clarendon Bakery for a Coffee 🙂 .

I pulled up outside the bakery and wondered in. I was eyeing off some tasty looking cakes behind the counter when I reached for my wallet. Oops! I never leave home without my wallet, well until now. I’m kinda glad that I was going to pay before and not after my coffee. I would have been very embarrassed. A quick call home to my wife confirmed that I had left it at home and it hadn’t fallen out of my pocket.

Seems my ride was not quite as long as I had intended. Best head home. I copped quite a ribbing from my wife after I got home but I did get out for a bit of a ride at least.


Tourist train at Goolwa

before getting home for the first time ever I have had to give way to a Train at the Crossing.

regardless of the fact that I had to go home prematurely I enjoyed the ride.


Spot Map

Spot Map













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