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A trip to Jupiter creek with a sting.

Decided to head off to Jupiter Creek again. Really starting to treat it more as just a day in the bush, an excuse for a ride, any excuse is a good one. I don’t think the Xterra 705 is to good in the ground at Jupiter Creek and maybe I should look at going to Mount Crawford or even further afield.

Anyhow the weather was great and it was going to be another look about up there. So I pack up my bike and off I went.

After I got to Jupiter creek it was again time to find something to prop my bike up on as the ground is quite soft this time of the year. So I nosed the bike into the railing that segregates the parking lot from the Diggings area.


I readied my detecting gear and stowed my riding gear. I then strolled off down into the diggings area. I had my Gopro with me and took some footage while I was there but I need to edit it a fair amount and then work out how to put it on you tube. Once I do I will post a link.

I headed towards Whites Gully as Nenad had pointed me in that direction as it is kinder to VLF machines. I detected along the way. Unfortunately I was digging up the usual junk but then got a strong signal. After digging it I found it was a nipped off nail. Seem to find a lot of these. Not sure what they are from or used for, but will post a picture later. Perhaps someone can tell me.

Interesting signs along the way. learn a little of the history.

Interesting signs along the way. learn a little of the history.

Not to far away I put the detector over the side of a bank of some old diggings. I got a good signal and tried to manoeuvre into a better standing position. I put the detector down and scraped some of the surface leaf and rubbish away so I could get the coil to the ground. I picked up my detector and that is when I realised I had made a terrible mistake. I was about to be in a bit of pain. I had inadvertently stood on top of an Inch Ant nest! I had them coming up my trousers and they were in full attack mode! For those of you who don’t know what an Inch Ant is, they are an ant that is 25mm long or obviously an inch long. If disturbed they are very aggressive and give very painful stings. For a chap who is a bit overweight and in his 50s I made a fairly rapid retreat and in the process of removing them from myself was lucky to have only got nailed by them one on the thumb and twice on the belly. Yes they were inside my shirt and all.

Inch Ant image off the net

Inch Ant image off the net

I must admit it put a bit of a dampener on my day as I was then on the constant look out for Ants.

I finally made my way over to White gully and detected in the area for some time without success.


I ended up deciding that I would be better of going for a ride and having some afternoon tea.

I headed back to Echunga and pulled up at a General Store in the main street that looked a likely spot to have coffee and a Ham and Cheese toasty.


late lunch

late lunch

So after a very late lunch and a good cup of coffee, I made tracks to head home.

So after being nailed a few time by inch ants it was still a good day out, but still no Gold

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Rise of the Phoenix, a Motorcycle Resurrection.

My VN900 had been on the charger overnight and it was time to give starting her another go. Pushed her out of the shed once again and dreaded the thought of needing to push her back in if she failed to start.


Well I managed to get her started but was running very rough. I thought I would take her for a run and after warming up and getting a little oil around the engine she could clear her throat and run better.
I managed to get her to the highway and I opened the throttle up. Oh not good at all! Only running on one cylinder. I was about 2km down the road and decided to get her back home before anything major happened.
I had some traffic behind me so I pulled over to let it past before I done the U turn to limp back to home. As I pulled over I could tell it was about to stall so I gave her some throttle and looked in the rear view mirror to see the dreaded plumes of blue smoke blocking my vision. Still I didn’t want to stall the engine so I gave her some more twists of the throttle. More blue smoke.
I managed to complete the U turn and then something happened. It was like the “Rise of the Phoenix” suddenly both cylinders were firing and as I was still on the gravel verge after doing the U turn, the added power of both bangers firing sent the rocks flying.
It certainly took me by surprise but I managed to keep her under control. I was now so please with her performance it was time to take that ride I had planned. I decided not to go too far just in case the Phoenix let me down. Yep, after owning her from new in 2007 it was time to give her a name and after the amount of smoke she bellowed out I think Phoenix is quite suitable.
So off to Victor Harbour for a short ride and return to home. I rode through Victor and turned around the ring road. The ring road travels past a wildlife park where we had taken my son and his family last week.


It is a privately owned park and is very good. If ever passing by it would be well worth the stop.
I then started the return trip home. I had a few stops along the way.


Victor Harbor is a lovely spot during the winter months, but at Christmas during the school holidays it is a nightmare. The population doubles with all the tourists. But I guess its good for the town.


Middleton is a surfing town and is also a holiday destination. The tavern here does cook a great meal.


Back to my home town of Goolwa. I Finished up very happy with the performance of my bike “Phoenix”. After fueling her up I put her to bed in the garage.
After I walked inside I told my wife it just isn’t any good and I can’t sell it. She asked what was wrong with my bike? Simple answer was “I love it! I just can’t sell it!”

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A false start and then a ride to Chapel Hill

A couple of years ago I moved from New South Wales to South Australia. I commenced a fly in, fly out job and my cruiser was about out of rego so I thought I would change the rego to South Australia. After getting back home I took all the paperwork into Service SA to do just that. It was 2 days out of rego but I thought it would not be a problem. How wrong I was.
After arriving at Service SA they said I had to take the bike to the inspection centre. My trailer was still in NSW so the bike stayed in the shed…..for 2 years.
Well After 2 years I thought I may as well sell the bike as I still have the Vstrom. So I purchased a new battery and started the bike up and put it on the trailer and into Adelaide we went. After the inspection I had to then go to Service SA with the extra paperwork and got the new plate with no problems apart from my wallet being a few hundred dollars lighter.
Time for a bit of a ride on the cruiser to see what sort of condition it was in.

VN900 looks ready to go. :(

VN900 looks ready to go. 

Well that was that. It was a non starter and I run the battery flat trying. So I push her back into the shed and set the battery up to charge.
Well it was a great day out there and I did not want to waste it. So out comes out faithful, The Vstrom came out of the shed and down to fuel up.

Nice looking chick in the car behind the bike. Oh that's right I married her almost 32 years ago. :)

Nice looking chick in the car behind the bike. Oh that’s right I married her almost 32 years ago. 

I wanted to check out another prospecting area that is close to Jupiter Creek. So I put some gear in my top box and my detector into the expedition pannier and off to the hills.
It was after lunch time and I decided that I had best get something to eat. I have often stopped at a cafe in Meadow before which is quite good.

The Balance Cafe at Meadows

The Balance Cafe at Meadows

The Cafe has a nice display of gem stones so I had a look at these while I waited for my sandwich and coffee.

Display cabinet

Display cabinet

Gem Tree

Gem Tree

The coffee and toasted ham and cheese sandwich hit the spot.


Time to head for Chapel Hill which is not far from Echunga. There has been quite a bit of rain lately and the ground was fairly soft. Not good for a side stand so I thought the fence could do with propping up.

Perhaps not the best way to park a bike. But it done the job.

Perhaps not the best way to park a bike. But it done the job.

Chapel Hill was an old diggings site from the 1800s. Gold was first discovered by William Chapman in 1852. I guess that’s how it got the name Chapel Hill? Jupiter creek, just a little further south produced over 25,000 ounces. After its discovery over 1000 prospectors poured into the area within the first few weeks
After gearing up and safely stowing my riding gear I headed off down the track.


About every 20 metres I would pass by signs warning off mine shafts, and the were several by the side of the track that were guarded.

Best watch were you walk

Best watch were you walk

Other shafts were quite exposed and you could understand how people could easily fall in. There were quite a few that had water about 4’ down, but others I just could not see the bottoms of. The photo’s below went down about 8 – 10 feet and then looked to drive off to the side.



I metal detected for a couple of hours but found only trash and a couple of hot rocks.
I made my way back to the bike and stowed my prospecting gear and put my riding gear on and made tracks for home. I made tracks for Strathalbyn. It’s a nice town but the road leading there is great for riding.
The sun was starting to get lower on the horizon and the green grassy hills to the south were to much to pass by without a photo.

Looking good after a few steady rains.

Looking good after a few steady rains.

So what started out as a bit of a disappointing day turned out pretty okay. I returned home while there was still light and locked my Vstrom away until I have the chance of another ride.
I took the VN900 off the charger and would tackle it in the morning. I hope she is more accommodating then.

My spoils for the day.

My spoils for the day.

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First day of winter riding

It has been a couple of months since I have been out for a ride. So today I managed to steal a couple of hours for a ride into the hills.

It has been raining for the last couple of weeks and is very much welcomed as it has been a long hot summer. Only a month ago a bush fire just a little further North of where today’s ride took me had claimed a couple of houses.

The day was overcast and threatened rain but I managed to dodge it for most of the ride apart from the last couple of kilometres as i returned to Goolwa.

I left just after Midday and the roads were mostly dry.


I headed north out of Goolwa and headed for Mount Compass. If it was likely to rain anywhere it was here.


The plan was to head a little further north and turn east towards Meadows.

It is surprising the amount of properties that have bags of manure for sale out on the roadside. Horse Poo, Chock Poo, Alpaca Poo, Pigeon Poo is just a few of the varieties. But this was a first, “Hornless Unicorn Poo”! I tell ya, you can get anything in South Australia 😉 .


After this discovery I continued to Meadows and from there I turned north again to Mylor where I intended to stop for a coffee and warm up for a bit.


The temperature was not to bad at about 15c so I shouldn’t complain. It was still warm enough that I was wearing my fingerless gloves and open faced helmet.


Well autumn is over and winter has arrived. The leaves have mostly fallen and the contrasting colours make for a pleasant ride. The coffee is great at this cafe. I have stopped here before and will again.

After checking the time I realised that I had been taking my time getting there and it was time to return home as we had intended to go visit a friend in the afternoon.

I left Mylor and headed back to meadow via Echunga. I spied a war Memorial there and stopped to take a photo.


Then to Meadow.


From Meadow I simply rode back to Goolwa and called into the Supermarket as requested by SWMBO.

New Picture (6)

Not much of a ride but it served as a fix until the next one.

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OFMG Wednesday Ride. April 10th.

I was late getting to the start for the regular Wednesday ride and all had gone. I was in 2 mined as I thought they must have only just left. No, turn around and just ask at the servo we start from and see if maybe they know where they were headed to. Walked in to the the counter and luckily someone had said they were going to Mylor. Great I know the road up there well.

I headed out of town and sat on the speed limit and thought I would most likely catch them before they arrived as it was a good 60km to get there. well Murphy is still healthy and I wound up behind several cars and truck on my way. I arrived at the local cafe where I thought I would find them and parked up. I strolled over to find some riders were still inside ordering.

I joined the other riders outside at some sheltered tables. what a fantastic day for a ride. No wind and about 20c – 22c. We sat in the shade of a large tree while our drinks were brought to us. we sat and chatted for a while. it seems that muffins were the flavor of the day as almost everyone but me had one. Even though I had seen them when I ordered my coffee I wasn’t hungry and resisted the urge ;).

As usual a couple of the riders had to return home and the were also a couple who needed to get to Adelaide to get to specialist appointments. The remainder of the riders who were planning lunch took an alternate route to get to Ashbourne for lunch.

One thing about riding with locals is you get to find all the best bike roads. All I can say about the roads is “Fantastic”, No, No, I tell a lie, here’s another “WOW”. It was a great ride. Of all the times to leave my Gopro behind. I am definitely going back over it again to get some footage. Up and down and twisty. I was so out it today that I didn’t even think to get some photo’s until the best parts have gone.

We done the circuit and ended up at the Greenman inn for lunch. We wondered in and put in our lunch orders. We arrived at 1pm and it was not until 1.50pm that we  started to receive our orders. mind you some locals who had shown up about 5 minutes after us receive their meals about  15 minutes before us.










Oh well the meal hit the spot.

Strolling out to the bikes after lunch. Bit of Aussie bush out back.

Strolling out to the bikes after lunch. Bit of Aussie bush out back.











Sorry I didn’t get any other photo’s. I do this one again on the bike on my own to get some better photo’s.


Route taken for a great bike ride.

Route taken for a great bike ride.

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