Jan 16th 2010 A run in the sun

This would be my first ride report. I’m not that big on writing them and find it hard to pull up to take Photo’s but made that attempt also. So here’s my attempt.
Learned a few valuable things out of this ride which I will discuss.  :whistle
This was more or less going to be a training exersize as I am doing the Long ride in May and thought I would have a go at an IB ride or 2. I had thought about a CC50 but it is very unlikely now as I will not have the bike set up ready. I will sus it out this year and maybe try a CC50 next year.
I started getting things ready on Friday night after work. Packing a change of cloths and other things for the ride, Camera, Map, etc. Laid it all out on the lounge floor. Removed a heap of stuff I use when swagging it, as I was planning on a room at the Marla Hilton in S.A.  :lol
Saturday started at about 2am. Woke with out an alarm. Showered, dressed asked Angela next door to sign the witness form (pre-arranged and still up partying ::)). Loaded the bike and down to the Servo for a start docket.
My bike was just about full so just a top up. It only took about a litre (thank God) and then filled 2 x 5 litre fuel cans for emergency use. There is just the one 24 hour servo in Cobar and is not the one I normally use. (this is mistake #1.  :nonono saved for later).
Start docket 02:54am. On the road heading west. Made good time for the first 100km with very little wildlife just 2 foxes and a few rabbits. Was sitting on around 90 – 100kph and started to see a few Roo’s. After that it became Roo central  :crazy2. Never seen so many and they were thick all the way to Wilcannia. (I’m thinking Bazz sent them all over from BH) Speed reduced to 70kph average, then to zip when they got to interested in the headlight. I had planned on a slow trip in the first leg to Wilcannia.
I knew that the servo in Wilcannia would be closed so pushed on for Little Topar. As I passed through Wilcannia I was able to see the first traces of daylight in the rear veiw mirrors.

I thought the windmill in the back ground would make a good shot of the sunrise. A little early I know but wasn’t hanging about for better light.
Just put $10 of fuel in at Little Topar as I would need a full tank from Broken Hill to get to Peterborough.
Rode past the servo at Peterborough and thought there would be another. Nope turn around and go back. (Mistake #2 :nonono).
Rode up and down through Horrock’s pass. No wonder Davo liked this place. Pleasant after 750km of mostly straight road. Who would suggest that I would go past a chance of getting a Banner picture attempt.  :nonono

Not sure if its in te right spot. Gave Davo a few moments of my thoughts, but am sure he would understand me pushing on.
Started to get a bit of a breeze from the south at this stage.
Refuelled and ate at Port Augusta. I can only guess what the smell in that place is. Perhaps some sulphureous discharge from smelting operations.
Departed Port Augusta and the wind was really starting to pick up. At about 50km short of Pimba I decided it would be my turn around point. I had no doubts that I could make Marla but it would have been real hard work in the heat and the wind now felt like it was threatening to blow the Vstrom out from under me. Guess I whimped out on doing a Back to back SS1600 but I still believe it was the right thing to do. I recall reading Jeff’s ride report of the heat. I also had Work on Monday. The challenge remains there for us both.

Salt lake just south of Pimba.
The ride to Pimba was well worth it. Free coffee on arrival. Refuelled and headed back to Port Augusta. There I done some quick maths and punched a few destinations into the GPS. (Mistake #3 :nonono). Decided on Renmark. Trusted the GPS and it took me down through Clare and Kapunda.  Great ride through there. Shortest route though is 1625km via Burra. enough but I thought I had heaps of K’s up my sleave (1,675) and I should have refuelled at Kapunda as a corner marker. Having enough km was blind luck.

By Port Pirie I was starting to get sick of being battered by the wind and after refuelling I was glad to start to head inland again.

Just south of Clare.
Pulled into a motel at Renmark at around 20:50 and asked Manager if he would be a witness which he gladly did (although he thought I was mental for riding that far). Finishing docket time 20:57
After unloading my gear to the room I walked up town for something to eat and had a cleansing ale and returned to the motel and hit the sack by 10.30pm. Best sleep I have had in ages. Up at 6am showered and on the bike by 7am thought I would continue getting a tax receipts for practice and logging times. Got about half way to Mildura and realised I had missed the chance at a SS2500. (Mistake #4 :nonono)
So Charlie you got it right. I did the tourist thing on the way home. At Hay I filled up and thought I would see just how far I can get on a tank of fuel. Run out 22km short of Cobar. 402km for the tank, not bad. Put a 5 litre container in and started for home. Bike started running like a dog. Blocked fuel filter and injector it turns out, and have had nothing but problems since.

Dust devil north of Hillston. Photo does not do it justice. Having ridden through 1 or 2 of these I keep an eye out for them. I waited till this one crossed the road in front of me.
As I said at the start it was really a training exercise but after I get my paperwork together and I am satisfied I may submit it to the IBA. But best of all is the learning curve. Anyone can ride 1600+ km in a day, I’ve done a few just following my nose, but to document it and deal with altering destinations/planning is something I can improve on.


1.   Get Fuel from a reliable source where possible
2.   Never pass a fuel stop in an unfamiliar area.
3.   Never trust a GPS.
4.   Never drop the ball if the first plan comes undone. Always look for alternatives.

I hope this is a good read and if any of the lessons I’ve shared help someone, then I’m glad

2453km off the GPS for the weekend run. (Odometer 2531)

Oh, By the way, I had a Ball. That’s what it all about.  :thumbs Where to Next  ;D

Bugger! I think I just found an issue with the KM. Mmmm lesson # 3  :nolisten. I have sent an email to Mr Kneebone for a quick judgement. :bow

I have since had this ride Certified by the IBA. 1,674km completed.



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One thought on “Jan 16th 2010 A run in the sun

  1. Writing trip posts are addictive… I never thought I’d be doing it either.
    You are doing the right thing by doing shorter rides before your long one. You will learn a lot… the more you learn the better. You can never know too much but you can know too little… Been there done that too many times. I posted a few things you might find useful here…
    You may find other post there that you may find useful. I liked you post and will submit it to reddit, stumbleupon, google + & tumblr. It will give you some views and encourage you to continue with your blog…

    Thanks for the post

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