FarRide #18. “The Wall” Nambucca Heads

Feb 18th – Nambucca Heads “The Wall”

I Fuelled up in Cobar and grabbed my start receipt for the FarRide. Time stamp on the receipt was 12:31. Perfect for no start receipt before 12:31.

Left Cobar and headed north to Bourke. Fuelled up at Bourke then headed South East to Nyngan then East to Denman.  It started raining at Dubbo so I pulled up and put the wets on. Arrived at Denman about 8:45pm and I book in there for the night at the hotel. Nothing flash but clean. I even managed to get a meal before the kitchen closed.

Up at about 5am and on the road by 6am. A bit of misty rain but soon cleared up.


Sunrise photo around Singleton.


Pulled up at Telegraph Point for fuel and a short rest as I had plenty of time prior to check in.

Stopped at A servo at Nambucca heads for a finish docket.

Arrived at The Wall and checked in. Time to take a look at a few of the other bikes.


And this was on the finishers list as having done 1032km


A 1942 Harley.


I recall Als (the owner) making the attempt 2 years prior and missing the check in by 15 minutes due to a failed battery. He had ended up putting a 6 volt dolphin torch battery in it to complete the ride.

Check out the seat. True Iron butt material eh.

Some more bikes parked up for lunch.

109 turned up for the FarRide RTE.

Shared a table with several other FarRiders. Malcolm has many IBA rides under his belt and is in his mid 70s. An inspiration to us all.

Time to move on. Many of the FarRiders stay for the evening and enjoy the companionship of the others. I’m sure it is a night of laughter and B.S. just to see who can tell the best lies J. I have stayed back a couple of times but tend to get board so I decided I would keep going after lunch at these rides.

I rode up towards Coffs Harbour turning off to ride up waterfall way. Its a great ride up through the twisties to Dorrigo and then onto Armidale.

I had to make several stops along the way to retention and lube the bike chain as it was showing signs of wear.

I pulled up at Coonabarabran for the night and rode home the next morning. Run out of lube for the Bike chain and pulled up at Warren and bought another tin. By the time I got home the chain was making a terrible sound. Glad it held up at least to get me to Cobar.

Completed 1,287km for the FarRide 12 Gold and a total of 2,215 for the weekend.

My spot unit didn’t perform all that well. But you can see my general track.

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2 thoughts on “FarRide #18. “The Wall” Nambucca Heads

  1. Great post and pictures… That old 1942 Harley reminds me of when I lived in OZ. My flat mate who was from Perth went home on holiday and bought a motorcycle and rode it back to Sydney. I guess you would call it a custom… It was made from a 1942 Harley, had a Matchless transmission and Triumph gas (petrol) tank with a stainless steel washing machine wringer discharge plate for a dash… I wish I had time to relate his ride but to make a long story short the engine froze up 2 blocks from our flat.

    The titanium Goldwing in one of your pictures looks like mine… Wish I had it over there so I could ride… May be some day…

    Ride safe…

  2. Hi TR,
    sounds like an interesting story.

    If your into your wings, and I say you are, Check Clint’s site out http://lovell.com.au/index.html

    Hope the link works.

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