Loss of a good friend “John”

Well It has been a while since I have been for a ride. I guess having just relocated from NSW back to SA has made my time at home busy and this could be why. Although there may be another reason.

On November 25th last year I received a call from my son, Sam. It was 07:30am. It is not an unusual time as he is a shift worker and had in fact just got home from night shift.

However the conversation started with “Dad I have some terrible news” Our neighbour from Cobar and good friend John lost his life while riding home after work the previous night. He had been passing 2 cars when the leading car turned right in front of him.  I have not bothered to find out who was in the wrong. A man and good friend had lost his life.

He left behind his wife and 4 children.

I had just relocated my family the week before and was to leave for work in a few days. I was unable to return to Cobar for his funeral.

I returned in January and found his wife had not been coping well but was getting good support from friends and family. I guess no-one knows what to say to the spouse of some who had recently been killed on the road. I seen Angela (Johns wife now widow) out the back lane of our cobar houses. I passed on my condolences and then said “I’m sorry Angela I don’t know what to say” I was at a loss for words. Angela’s response was simply “That’s okay Cliff, I don’t either”.

My wife has since been busy finding excuses for me not to go for a ride. I accepted this and new it would just take time before she would realise that I needed to fill the gap that not riding left. I went for a short ride 3 weeks ago of about 150km. So I guess that will be my plan for the next few months. Just to get the confidence of my wife so she isn’t panicking to much while I am away riding.

I guess we all have tales of mate who have lost their lives on the road.

In the end we just have our memories of the good/great times we had together.


Angela, John (top) and a rare photo of myself without whiskers.
The good times

Ride on John, you were a good man taken to soon.

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