1845 Threepence

I had actually been in Adelaide for the last three days doing a training course. When we finished I thought I would slip into Jupiter Creek to do a little detecting. Besides I needed the exercise after being in the class room. I did not arrive there until almost 4pm so it didn’t leave much time to waste. So I soon made tracks into the Prospecting area.

I don’t give myself a lot of hope finding a nugget but there is always that chance. I did not start to detect until I was well into the area and within 5 minutes of me starting I got a good signal through the headphones. I had the Gold coil on the detector and the machine set for Gold. Where I was detecting was riddled with holes left open by other detector prospectors. I thought it was most likely junk but dug it anyway. If there is a good signal I always dig it regardless.

I soon found it about 4″ below the surface. A 1845 threepence. It took a moment or 2 to clean it up enough to recognise what it was.

Young Victoria

Young Victoria

Tail side

Tail side

You could not imagine how thrilled I was. I was as thrilled to find this as I would have been to find a small nugget. I guess you know I will be heading back there real soon.

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