Off for a ride with the OFMG again.

It has been a while since I went for a ride with the Old Farts Motorcycle Group. They start their Wednesday rides at 10am sharp. I had been up giving my son a hand with his part time job first up. I finished at about 9.50am. I was almost going to give the ride a miss but my wife insisted that I should go and enjoy a ride. Well who am I to argue. A quick phone call later and I planned to meet them at their morning tea location. Nairne.

I arrived there and they had started to get their coffees, tea’s etc. So I was happy to have made up some time by taking the shorter less curvy road. It was the biggest roll up of riders I had seen. 23 all up.

Many other bikes on the other side of the road

Many other bikes on the other side of the road

After all had finished their morning tea a few split off, which is normal and they went home or off to other appointments. The remainder decided to go to Mannum for lunch. Mannum is located on the Murray river and was once an important inland port for paddle steamers. Now is quite a tourist location. The Pub puts on quite a good meal. Best thing about going on these rides is finding these places to take my wife for meals later on.

Riders finished with there meal started telling their normal yarns.

As riders finished with there meal they started telling their normal yarns.

The chap on the right with the grey beard is 74 year young Malcolm and the chap in the middle with his back to us is 83 year young Don. Both are FarRiders and ride Kawasaki GTR 1400’s. Malcolm’s he bought brand new in 2008 has about 220,000km on the clock. Good effort for a young fella.

After our meals it was simply a ride back to Goolwa, where some again left the group to head home while the remainder head for the local watering hole.

Our local brewery.

Our local brewery.


Another great day out with the locals. I hope to be riding into my 70s and 80s. 

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