Today’s Beach Find

Weather here has changed heaps and is raining heavy at times. Good for the bush fires in the Adelaide hills, but not good for getting out and about. but I did manage 2 hours on the beach.

Just some of the rubbish as I put most in the bin.

Just some of the rubbish as I put most in the bin.

Found heaps of rubbish as usual. A tent peg that I will use in the garden, $3.05 in coins and a St Christopher charm.

St Christopher Charm

St Christopher Charm

Sorry about the poor photo. I did try Macro mode but it was the best I could do

The Hallmark was very small but after using my Jewelers loop I worked out the “375”. 9k Gold. So I’m happy with that. Best of all is the bush fire threat is over for the time being.

Spent the rest of the day in my shed doing a repair job for the wife. Keeping in the good books (or at least trying)

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