Bike and video fun

I wanted to get some practice editing video so I have put this one together.

hope you like it. It was a bit of fun making it anyway.

Let me know what you think

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6 thoughts on “Bike and video fun

  1. whythedevilnot

    Yeah. Good video. I like some of the initial shots with the ride past and so on. Lord knows it takes time setting them up.

    What mounts were you using on the bike. Seemed a little unstable in the forward and rear facing shots.

    I’d be interested to know what you used to film and edit too.

  2. I used a Go Pro 2 with the standard mounts. I will try to improve as I go, but yeah your right, they do take time. Rear facing was a helmet mount.
    I’m working on one now about a bushranger. should be good.
    Thanks for the comment.

    • whythedevilnot

      Pleasure. It’s something to does kinda interest me. There are so many film projects I’d love to do but time (and especially time with available light) is really pressured. Youtube and vimeo have loads of really beautifully made motorcycle films and even more dross. I’m definitely a contributor to the dross.

  3. What is dross? I have never heard the term.

  4. whythedevilnot

    Rubbish, garbage. It’s certainly not complimentary.

  5. Good job in the video. Your riding on the wrong side of the road though! That would be hard for me to get use to.

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