OFMG Wednesday Ride. April 10th.

I was late getting to the start for the regular Wednesday ride and all had gone. I was in 2 mined as I thought they must have only just left. No, turn around and just ask at the servo we start from and see if maybe they know where they were headed to. Walked in to the the counter and luckily someone had said they were going to Mylor. Great I know the road up there well.

I headed out of town and sat on the speed limit and thought I would most likely catch them before they arrived as it was a good 60km to get there. well Murphy is still healthy and I wound up behind several cars and truck on my way. I arrived at the local cafe where I thought I would find them and parked up. I strolled over to find some riders were still inside ordering.

I joined the other riders outside at some sheltered tables. what a fantastic day for a ride. No wind and about 20c – 22c. We sat in the shade of a large tree while our drinks were brought to us. we sat and chatted for a while. it seems that muffins were the flavor of the day as almost everyone but me had one. Even though I had seen them when I ordered my coffee I wasn’t hungry and resisted the urge ;).

As usual a couple of the riders had to return home and the were also a couple who needed to get to Adelaide to get to specialist appointments. The remainder of the riders who were planning lunch took an alternate route to get to Ashbourne for lunch.

One thing about riding with locals is you get to find all the best bike roads. All I can say about the roads is “Fantastic”, No, No, I tell a lie, here’s another “WOW”. It was a great ride. Of all the times to leave my Gopro behind. I am definitely going back over it again to get some footage. Up and down and twisty. I was so out it today that I didn’t even think to get some photo’s until the best parts have gone.

We done the circuit and ended up at the Greenman inn for lunch. We wondered in and put in our lunch orders. We arrived at 1pm and it was not until 1.50pm that we  started to receive our orders. mind you some locals who had shown up about 5 minutes after us receive their meals about  15 minutes before us.










Oh well the meal hit the spot.

Strolling out to the bikes after lunch. Bit of Aussie bush out back.

Strolling out to the bikes after lunch. Bit of Aussie bush out back.











Sorry I didn’t get any other photo’s. I do this one again on the bike on my own to get some better photo’s.


Route taken for a great bike ride.

Route taken for a great bike ride.

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OFMG Wednesday March 13th

I Went for another ride with the OFMG from Goolwa again. (I may have to start a page for these Wednesday rides 🙂 )

We left Goolwa at the usual time of 10am. It was quite overcast and was threatening to rain. It was a lot more comfortable to ride in then last week when it was 37c. Today was around 25c and I don’t mind the rain. In the end we only got a small sprinkle of rain. Must be frustrating for the farmers. Everything is dried right off from the unusually high temperatures and the wind.

We rode from Goolwa to Nairne via Ashborne, Strathalbyn and Callington. We stopped at Nairne for Coffee and out of 11 starters 9 decided to ride on for lunch. The other 2 had other commitments and had to return to Goolwa.


So we left Nairne and headed up through the Adelaide hills to Palmer where we were to have lunch. It was a nice ride up there and the traffic was unusually quiet, in fact we met no trucks in this section at all. We arrived at the pub at Palmer at about 12:30.


I Noticed a rock that had been white washed while we were riding down into Palmer about 5 km short. It now made sense as the rock did resemble a bears head. Hence the Bear Rock Cafe.

We went into the pub to order our meals and the poor lady behind the bar was running the pub on her own until her husband returned from town which she thought would be about an hours time. So after getting our meal orders and drinks she left us to our selves while she went to cook our meals. She was grateful when her husband turned up within about 10 minutes to lend a hand. The meals were good value. I had a half serve of steak, salad and chips for $10.50. I was glad I had ordered the half serve as it was still a big meal.


The group themselves are maybe an average age of 65-70. I’m the youngest at 51. So my best guess at the combined years of experience around the table for lunch was more then 500 years. Well you could tell this by the amount of story telling around the table. It was quite entertaining listening to them.

We enjoyed our meals and left to return to Goolwa.


The 2 riders closest are Ian (84yrs young) and Don (81yrs young) Listening to these 2 and their yarns is great.

They had decided to go to the Local Brewery at Goolwa to have a quenching ale. They also serve a nice Coffee which I opted for.


The Brewery is quite the tourist attraction also. While I believe it is called a Micro Brewery I think their production out of here is quite high for that title.


I didn’t hang around to long as these gent tend to get settled in.

Another great day out.

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OFMG Wednesday ride

Went for another ride with the OFMG from Goolwa. They go out regularly every Wednesday for a coffee in the morning and then stop somewhere for lunch and then head back to Goolwa for another coffee others will have a beer or 2. Personally I don’t drink at all while driving or riding. To easy to make a mistake.

Everyone meets at the Caltex service station before 10am for 10am departure. 17 bike started the day.


We left Goolwa to the north and headed for Meadow. Meadow is a nice little town that services the local community and some tourism that passes through.

I have tried something a bit different with this ride. Rather then taking photo’s as I normally would I fitted my Gopro to the front of my bike and to my helmet and from the footage taken I done screen dumps of a few sections.


We stopped at a small cafe and enjoyed coffee. The people working in the cafe’s must dread it when they have large groups turn up to order coffee and cake all at once. But they done a great job. Even got a coffee for John. Who John was nobody knew. So they took the extra coffee away.


This is not what I normally do when I go for a ride. I tend to leave at 6am and I wear a Camelback to quench my thirst on the road and only stop to refuel. So spending time in the one spot and chatting is a little foreign to me.

We then left Meadow and headed west to ride around Myponga reservoir. I had only recently ridden around here but I didn’t mind doing it again. There are some great bike rides around this area.

We then headed towards Yankalilla to the hotel for a counter lunch. I had prawn skewers and salad. At $12.90 it was great value. The waitress came back after we had eaten with some vouches. Buy 1 meal and get the second at ½ price. Has to be used by the end of April though. May take my wife through sometime. A couple of the chaps shared a bottle of Red. I stuck with my glass of lemonade.


I was warned that these 2 chaps ride a lot more aggressively after lunch but I didn’t see it. One of them is 84 (and ½ he informed me) so I was hoping he wasn’t going to ride to aggressive. I wouldn’t be able to keep up.


After lunch we headed south and then turned east back towards Victor Harbor. We went out the back of Victor to bypass the town traffic. Then headed for Signal point in Goolwa. There we went to Cafelicious for another Coffee. (I was about full up with coffee by now) Oh yeah and the 2 red wine drinks, opt for Beer.

Day is at an end for me so I head home. I’m not real happy with the photo’s and think while I may still fit the Gopro to my bike I will still take normal photo’s with my camera.

OFMG 6-3-13

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Loss of a good friend “John”

Well It has been a while since I have been for a ride. I guess having just relocated from NSW back to SA has made my time at home busy and this could be why. Although there may be another reason.

On November 25th last year I received a call from my son, Sam. It was 07:30am. It is not an unusual time as he is a shift worker and had in fact just got home from night shift.

However the conversation started with “Dad I have some terrible news” Our neighbour from Cobar and good friend John lost his life while riding home after work the previous night. He had been passing 2 cars when the leading car turned right in front of him.  I have not bothered to find out who was in the wrong. A man and good friend had lost his life.

He left behind his wife and 4 children.

I had just relocated my family the week before and was to leave for work in a few days. I was unable to return to Cobar for his funeral.

I returned in January and found his wife had not been coping well but was getting good support from friends and family. I guess no-one knows what to say to the spouse of some who had recently been killed on the road. I seen Angela (Johns wife now widow) out the back lane of our cobar houses. I passed on my condolences and then said “I’m sorry Angela I don’t know what to say” I was at a loss for words. Angela’s response was simply “That’s okay Cliff, I don’t either”.

My wife has since been busy finding excuses for me not to go for a ride. I accepted this and new it would just take time before she would realise that I needed to fill the gap that not riding left. I went for a short ride 3 weeks ago of about 150km. So I guess that will be my plan for the next few months. Just to get the confidence of my wife so she isn’t panicking to much while I am away riding.

I guess we all have tales of mate who have lost their lives on the road.

In the end we just have our memories of the good/great times we had together.


Angela, John (top) and a rare photo of myself without whiskers.
The good times

Ride on John, you were a good man taken to soon.

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My Mum always said “Never leave home without your wallet”

I decided that it had been a while since I went for a ride. so I was up and got a few chores out of the way the dress up for a ride.

As I left I said to me wife “don’t expect me back soon as I’m going to have a good ride. So off I went to enjoy great riding conditions. I had a full tank and left directly to the Myponga water reservoir.

My plan was to get a picture or 2 for a game plated by FarRiders. International Global “Wildcard Tagathon”. Not that we need one but it is a good excuse for a ride.

I arrived at the Myponga Reservoir and was pleasantly surprised by the twisties. Not that I am ever going to shorten my foot rests grinding them of around the bend but cornering is a skill that needs practice 🙂 .


One small section on the way to Myponga Reservoir

Lots of cutting and rises and falls. nice section of road.

Then a brief stop for a picture I planned on.


An impressive structure. Myponga dam wall.

The I it was off to the next location. It’s not that I needed another picture of a dam wall but more, why not. Mount Bold Reservoir was next on the list.


Mount Bold dam wall. Also impressive.

There was a walking bridge at the base of the dam just downstream. looked like it would be a challenging walk.


A walking bridge spanning the river downstream from the Mount Bold Dam Wall.

The road leading up to the Mount Bold Reservoir was a single lane, one way road (Thank goodness). A few of the bends needed your full attention.


I thought I had been out for a couple of hours just poking along so I may go up the road a little further for a coffee before heading to the Adelaide hills. So off to the Clarendon Bakery for a Coffee 🙂 .

I pulled up outside the bakery and wondered in. I was eyeing off some tasty looking cakes behind the counter when I reached for my wallet. Oops! I never leave home without my wallet, well until now. I’m kinda glad that I was going to pay before and not after my coffee. I would have been very embarrassed. A quick call home to my wife confirmed that I had left it at home and it hadn’t fallen out of my pocket.

Seems my ride was not quite as long as I had intended. Best head home. I copped quite a ribbing from my wife after I got home but I did get out for a bit of a ride at least.


Tourist train at Goolwa

before getting home for the first time ever I have had to give way to a Train at the Crossing.

regardless of the fact that I had to go home prematurely I enjoyed the ride.


Spot Map

Spot Map













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