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The Star Trek Loo

Is this the way of the furture? Came across this while filling in time while waiting for my son to finish getting a high risk licence.

I though it was a crackup. Enjoy the Video.

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Birdman of the Coorong. One Bizarre Tale.

South Australia only had the one Bushranger, but he was perhaps the most unusual. I have taken a bit of a ride to the town in the area that he run amuck. While he was a bit strange at the end of the day he was an outlaw who killed and robbed people. Please have a look at the Video and see for yourself. I hope you enjoy it.

I do have a facts sheet that I am happy to send people that discusses the story in more detail. Just send me a request.

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The 2 best hobbies in the world (for me)

I had a go at putting together a short Video of various rides I have done and a bit on Metal Detecting.

Please take a look and comment.

I will try putting one together each month if time permits.

Hope you enjoy.

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Golden triangle gave up 2 small keepers

Wife and I went to NSW to meet our new Granddaughter. Was a wonderful stay as we not only met our new granddaughter but both our eldest sons and their families. 3 granddaughters now. we only stayed there for a few days and left for victoria to try out my new detector. A Minelab SDC2300.

New detector. An SDC2300.

New detector. An SDC2300.

It was my first real chance to find some gold. We were booked in to stay at Laanecoorie Park for 2 nights.

We arrived there at 17:45 and I was out detecting by 18:30. found My first piece of gold by 18:45.

0.186 grams.

0.186 grams.

I continued on for about another 30 minutes and although the sun was not down the Mozzies drove us away. So back to the camp. Laanecoorie is no luxury resort but is wonderfully quiet and away from the rat race. I will use this Caravan park often I think.

Up and at it again before 8am. by 8:30 I found my second piece. The size was amazing. Not because how big it was but more how small.

Can you believe it was just 0.041 grams.

Can you believe it was just 0.041 grams.

While it would be nice to find an ounce nugget I was just amazed how easy it was to find this one. Wow this thing is sensitive. Well I went the rest of the day finding shotgun pellets and bullets. But I did go home happy with my first gold found with a detector. I can only hope to put the coil over the right spot more often.

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