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Off for a ride with the OFMG again.

It has been a while since I went for a ride with the Old Farts Motorcycle Group. They start their Wednesday rides at 10am sharp. I had been up giving my son a hand with his part time job first up. I finished at about 9.50am. I was almost going to give the ride a miss but my wife insisted that I should go and enjoy a ride. Well who am I to argue. A quick phone call later and I planned to meet them at their morning tea location. Nairne.

I arrived there and they had started to get their coffees, tea’s etc. So I was happy to have made up some time by taking the shorter less curvy road. It was the biggest roll up of riders I had seen. 23 all up.

Many other bikes on the other side of the road

Many other bikes on the other side of the road

After all had finished their morning tea a few split off, which is normal and they went home or off to other appointments. The remainder decided to go to Mannum for lunch. Mannum is located on the Murray river and was once an important inland port for paddle steamers. Now is quite a tourist location. The Pub puts on quite a good meal. Best thing about going on these rides is finding these places to take my wife for meals later on.

Riders finished with there meal started telling their normal yarns.

As riders finished with there meal they started telling their normal yarns.

The chap on the right with the grey beard is 74 year young Malcolm and the chap in the middle with his back to us is 83 year young Don. Both are FarRiders and ride Kawasaki GTR 1400’s. Malcolm’s he bought brand new in 2008 has about 220,000km on the clock. Good effort for a young fella.

After our meals it was simply a ride back to Goolwa, where some again left the group to head home while the remainder head for the local watering hole.

Our local brewery.

Our local brewery.


Another great day out with the locals. I hope to be riding into my 70s and 80s. 

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Rise of the Phoenix, a Motorcycle Resurrection.

My VN900 had been on the charger overnight and it was time to give starting her another go. Pushed her out of the shed once again and dreaded the thought of needing to push her back in if she failed to start.


Well I managed to get her started but was running very rough. I thought I would take her for a run and after warming up and getting a little oil around the engine she could clear her throat and run better.
I managed to get her to the highway and I opened the throttle up. Oh not good at all! Only running on one cylinder. I was about 2km down the road and decided to get her back home before anything major happened.
I had some traffic behind me so I pulled over to let it past before I done the U turn to limp back to home. As I pulled over I could tell it was about to stall so I gave her some throttle and looked in the rear view mirror to see the dreaded plumes of blue smoke blocking my vision. Still I didn’t want to stall the engine so I gave her some more twists of the throttle. More blue smoke.
I managed to complete the U turn and then something happened. It was like the “Rise of the Phoenix” suddenly both cylinders were firing and as I was still on the gravel verge after doing the U turn, the added power of both bangers firing sent the rocks flying.
It certainly took me by surprise but I managed to keep her under control. I was now so please with her performance it was time to take that ride I had planned. I decided not to go too far just in case the Phoenix let me down. Yep, after owning her from new in 2007 it was time to give her a name and after the amount of smoke she bellowed out I think Phoenix is quite suitable.
So off to Victor Harbour for a short ride and return to home. I rode through Victor and turned around the ring road. The ring road travels past a wildlife park where we had taken my son and his family last week.


It is a privately owned park and is very good. If ever passing by it would be well worth the stop.
I then started the return trip home. I had a few stops along the way.


Victor Harbor is a lovely spot during the winter months, but at Christmas during the school holidays it is a nightmare. The population doubles with all the tourists. But I guess its good for the town.


Middleton is a surfing town and is also a holiday destination. The tavern here does cook a great meal.


Back to my home town of Goolwa. I Finished up very happy with the performance of my bike “Phoenix”. After fueling her up I put her to bed in the garage.
After I walked inside I told my wife it just isn’t any good and I can’t sell it. She asked what was wrong with my bike? Simple answer was “I love it! I just can’t sell it!”

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First day of winter riding

It has been a couple of months since I have been out for a ride. So today I managed to steal a couple of hours for a ride into the hills.

It has been raining for the last couple of weeks and is very much welcomed as it has been a long hot summer. Only a month ago a bush fire just a little further North of where today’s ride took me had claimed a couple of houses.

The day was overcast and threatened rain but I managed to dodge it for most of the ride apart from the last couple of kilometres as i returned to Goolwa.

I left just after Midday and the roads were mostly dry.


I headed north out of Goolwa and headed for Mount Compass. If it was likely to rain anywhere it was here.


The plan was to head a little further north and turn east towards Meadows.

It is surprising the amount of properties that have bags of manure for sale out on the roadside. Horse Poo, Chock Poo, Alpaca Poo, Pigeon Poo is just a few of the varieties. But this was a first, “Hornless Unicorn Poo”! I tell ya, you can get anything in South Australia 😉 .


After this discovery I continued to Meadows and from there I turned north again to Mylor where I intended to stop for a coffee and warm up for a bit.


The temperature was not to bad at about 15c so I shouldn’t complain. It was still warm enough that I was wearing my fingerless gloves and open faced helmet.


Well autumn is over and winter has arrived. The leaves have mostly fallen and the contrasting colours make for a pleasant ride. The coffee is great at this cafe. I have stopped here before and will again.

After checking the time I realised that I had been taking my time getting there and it was time to return home as we had intended to go visit a friend in the afternoon.

I left Mylor and headed back to meadow via Echunga. I spied a war Memorial there and stopped to take a photo.


Then to Meadow.


From Meadow I simply rode back to Goolwa and called into the Supermarket as requested by SWMBO.

New Picture (6)

Not much of a ride but it served as a fix until the next one.

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